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Rock Pools & Spas

Inspired by nature, envisioned by you. The possibilities for swimming pool and spa enhancement using custom rockwork are endless. Whether one wishes for a simple soothing cascade, a spectacular waterfall and grotto or an exciting rock slide for the kids to enjoy, we can design a water feature that is uniquely your own. We pride ourselves in the ability to transform any environment into a personal retreat by bringing the elements of rock, water and lush landscaping home.

By utilizing experienced hand sculpting in combination with actual natural rock castings we can ensure that your environment to be a place of real inspiration.

Finally, we have developed and tested a coloring process that is unmatched. Using premium paints and stains each project has on average up to ten earth tone shades and is customized individually to create a truly natural look.

Rock Restoration & Remodel

Do you have existing rockwork that is faded? Do you want to enhance your existing landscape with new dimension? Matrix Concrete Artisans offers full range of restoration and remodeling services that can revive and transform your existing rockwork and landscape design whether it’s a paint touch up or a slide addition.

Color is everything in nature. We utilize a state-of the art painting and staining process that will restore the look of an existing rock project in a way that is unimaginable. Our highly experienced team can perform this process while respecting the existing surrounding landscape.

If its dimension and fun you are looking to add, we can add swimming pool slides, rock decking, eye catching stairs to a pool or spa, planters,etc…

Ponds & Streams

If you are looking for tranquility, a pond or stream is an excellent way to bring it home. We believe that combining the texture of real rock into steams and waterways is the best approach to be true to nature. The outer coping shapes of a pond or stream are edgeless and flowing. We offer a variety of choices for your landscape design needs such as koi ponds, creeks, bridges, waterless ponds, and tranquil weeping walls.

Entertainment Areas

Entertain with a unique themed construction environment. From a Hawaiian oasis with a swim up bar and private cove to the raw natural look of the Grand Canyon, Matrix Concrete Artisans specializes in creating exclusive one of a kind environments. Entertaining will friends and family will not be an occasion but an experience.

Retaining Walls & Landscape Boulders

If you think about it, most retaining walls are not very appealing aesthetically. Rock sculpting and texturing can turn any ordinary wall into a something to be proud of. We can incorporate multiple planter pockets to enhance the landscape design as a whole and or conceal the wall entirely.

In addition, landscape boulders balance the dimensions of planters and tall trees. Not only do they look great but they also double as overflow seating for large social gatherings.

Concrete Staining

Are you looking for an economical way to update your patio, driveway, walkway or entrance? Renewing the look of your hardscape areas such as flat finished concrete or retaining walls is affordable with concrete staining. Updating common gray concrete and walls with warm earth tones to give the appearance of expensive natural stone. And unlike paints, stains penetrate the concrete’s surface giving it a more durable, natural finish that will not chip or fade or peel. Whether you are want a Tuscan or traditional look, concrete staining is an elegant and sensible option to create beautiful, durable concrete projects.